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Isolate. Quantitate. Do both at once in just a few quick steps. The DNA IQ™ System employs a novel technology with magnetic particles to prepare clean samples for short-tandem repeat (STR) analysis easily and efficiently.

Designed specifically to handle diverse forensic samples, DNA IQ™ simultaneously isolates and quantifies DNA from various sources. DNA IQ™ can be used to extract DNA from stains or liquid samples such as blood or resulting DNA solutions. This system's innovative design allows you to decide how much DNA to extract from each sample making it the "smart" system.


Designed for casework, paternity and database samples.


The DNA IQ™ System is flexible. One simple system can be used for all types of forensic samples. The DNA IQ™ System allows you to decide how much DNA to extract from your samples.

When working with small amounts of DNA, the system becomes more efficient as sample size decreases. The unique DNA IQ™ Resin used in the system is designed to eliminate PCR inhibitors and purify the contaminated samples frequently encountered in casework (e.g. denim, leather and soil).

Figure 1 shows that DNA IQ™ can be used to analyze difficult samples such as bloodstains on denim.

Figure 1. Bloodstain on denim. Liquid blood (0.1µl) was dried on denim and stored at room temperature for three weeks. This spot was isolated using the DNA IQ™ System, and 5µl from 25 µl total elution was amplified using the Power Plex® 16 System.
The DNA IQ™ System delivers a consistent amount of total DNA from larger sample sizes found in paternity and databasing samples. Buccal swabs obtain variable amounts of DNA (200 to 3000ng) from individual to individual and normally require a quantitation step prior to PCR amplification. The DNA IQ™ System eliminates the need for this quantitation step. Buccal swabs, stains on FTA® paper and liquid blood have been successfully analyzed with DNA IQ™.
Figure 2. STR analysis on buccal swabs. Buccal swabs from twelve individuals were extracted and purified using the DNA IQ™ System. One microliter of eluted DNA was amplified using the Power Plex® 1.1 System and analyzed on the FMBIO® II. Genotypes were easily obtained from all the samples.

Cleaner DNA with a simple, rapid system.


Compared with other systems, DNA IQ™ makes it easier to get from sample to cleaner, quantitated DNA. To extract stains, just heat your sample in the Lysis Buffer for 30 minutes and centrifuge. DNA IQ™ Resin is then added to the solution and the samples are washed using a magnetic stand. Thirty minutes later you have purified DNA without further filtration or centrifugation. Less bench time purifying DNA translates into time and cost savings for your lab. Figure 3 demonstrates that DNA IQ™ gives cleaner DNA than competing systems.

Figure 3. DNA IQ™ versus Chelex®. One microliter of dried bloodstains on denim were extracted and eluted using DNA IQ™ (left) and Chelex® (right). The DNA IQ™ extraction shows a lack of heme contamination, in contrast to the Chelex® extraction.

No hazardous chemicals or disposal concerns.

DNA IQ™ avoids use of harmful, organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform and does not require use of a fume hood. Disposal of hazardous chemicals is eliminated. This lessens the impact on your bottom line and makes your work environment safer.


DNA IQ™ can be automated.

DNA IQ™ technology lends itself to automation. The magnetic separation can be easily performed on a robotic liquid handling system. The protocols require minimal pre-processing for a variety of sample types. Purifying database samples on a robotic platform increases throughput while providing a consistent amount of DNA, so no quantitation step is necessary. The flexibility of the DNA IQ™ System allows the high throughput purification of casework samples from a variety of sources as well.


Promega's systems: integrated and optimized.

DNA IQ™ has been demonstrated to be compatible with the AluQuant™ Human DNA Quantitation System and PowerPlex® 16 System to ensure a streamlined process. This translates into reliable products that give optimal results, from DNA isolation to quantitation to STR analysis.


A better system combined with better support.

Promega's exceptional technical support is a major reason for outstanding customer satisfaction. Promega's Regional Technical Specialists and Technical Services Representatives are highly trained scientists who provide first-rate support for all of Promega's Human Identity Products.


DNA IQ™ Product Information.

Each DNA IQ™ System contains reagents to process 400 samples. A magnetic stand (available separately) is necessary to perform the sample extractions. Spin baskets (also available separately) are optional.

DNA IQ™ Kit Components.

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