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DOCUBOX DRAGON              
Portable and compact workstation for laboratory and field application.    
• Complete new design
• Automatic function control
• Motorized Zoom optics
• Control software with language selection
• Pre-selection of specified set-ups for different documents
• Operation via touch-screen and jogger knob
• Set-up capture mode
• 10 integrated light sources
• FireWire connection
• New PIA analogue Software
User interface Remote Control

Technical Data

Basis System
Completely new designed system with integrated illumination system, new designated optics, operation via touch-screen and jogger knob, storage of up to 100 instrument settings via internal memory and via USB memory stick, different languages selectable, easy to operate, no more failure caused by operator use.

CCD Colour Camera:
CCD Colour unit, spectral range 350 nm - 1000 nm pixel 582(V) x 752(H), with auto chip integration.

motorized 20x zoom, Autofocus/manual focus mode, magnification on 17" TFT/LCD monitor up to 52x, max. field of view 130 x 97,5 mm 14" video monitor up to 42x, max. field of view 130 x 97,5 mm Autofocus / manual focus mode

Monitor (selectable):
• 17" TFT/LCD monitor with S-video input and PC connection.
• 17" or 19" PC monitor with PIA-4 Software
• Laptop with 15" screen with FireWire and PIA analog Software
For mobile use the monitor is fixed to the basic system with a special holder.

Light Sources (variable intensity of the light):
• UV-illumination 365 nm surface light, 2 x 9 Watt for identification of UV security marks, fluorescent fibers and security threads, printing inks, etc.
• UV-illumination 254 nm, 2 x 4 Watt for UV security marks in short-wave UV range
• UV illumination 313nm, 2 x 4 Watt for UV security marks in mid-wave UV range
• UV illumination 365 nm transmitted light, 2x9W for identification of UV security marks, overwriting, etc.

• IR luminescence: with condenser system for increased light intensity, 100 Watt, for distinguishing differences in inks or pencil leads, identification of primary and secondary entries, mechanical and chemical erasures

• Infrared 2 x 20W: for distinguishing differences in inks or pencil leads, ideal for examination of printing inks

• Side light 2 x 50W / IR selectable: for identification of mechanical erasures, inkless stamps, mechanical fixing of photographs, Intaglio printing, OVI/OVD, etc.

• Transmitted light 2 x 50W: for identification of mechanical erasures, transmitted light securities, watermarks, security threads

• Transmitted spot light 1 x 50W: for identification of transmitted light securities, e.g. on thick paper or with applied correction liquids

• Retro light LED: special surface light illumination for identification of retro reflective security elements

Docubox Dragon with 17" TFT/LCD monitor)

Exciting Filter:
Exciting filter module with 9 wavebands: 400-490nm, 400-530nm, 455-570nm, 495-620nm, 530-650nm, 570-680nm, 630-740nm, DOCU (380-570nm) and Neutral

Camera Barrier Filter:
Built-in filter module for rapid change of filters, filter selection via rotating knob, filter values: 570, 590, 610, 630, 645, 665, 695, 715, 735, 780, 830, 850, 1000 nm and IR cut off filter.

• PIA-4 and PIA analogue Software for Comparison, Measuring and Archiving
• DC/AC inverter for mobile use
• Computer System:
     • Pentium IV, min. 2.8 GHz
     • 120 GB/8.5ms HDD
     • 512 MB DDRAM
     • keyboard PS/2 ASCII
     • Logitech Pilot Mouse
     • high resolution graphics card
     • DVD/CD Combo 4*/8*/12*
     • Windows 2000 or XP Pro
• PC control software with extended remote control function to operate the Docubox Dragon directly via a network from your working place.

Basic system: 410x475x385 mm (wxdxh) without monitor

Basic system: 26 kg

Mains connection: 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz

Power consumption: max. 250W