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Identificación de Explosivos
Elite TM- Trace Explosives Detection

Elite TM detection and identification kits are simple, rugged and reliable. They detect and idetify commercial, military and home-made explosives (HME), trace and bulk. There are two models, the EL100, which detects all nitrogen based explosives at trace levels, and the EL240, which detects and identifies peroxide and chlorate- based HME and precursors, in liquid, vapor or solid forms.

Ultra TM - Detection and Identification
The ULTRA TM units are colorimetric, disposable testers that in one step detect and identify trace or bulk HME and HME precursors, using not only a color change but a color pettern. Currently four models in the ULTRA TM range: ULTRA 1B6: nitro-aromatic, aliphatic, nitrate; ULTRA 246: ammonium nitrate and chlorate; ULTRA 236: urea nitrate and ammonium nitrate; ULTRA 459: chlorate, perchlorate and peroxide.
HandyRam TM - Hand-Held Raman Spectroscopy
HandyRam TM is the latest in Raman technology that allows safer identification of explosives, precursor chemicals, narcotics and other compounds. HandyRam TMonly weighs about 330 grams, runs from to AA batteries for more than eight hours, and is IP67. HandyRam TM is the first true pocket-sized Raman Spectrometer that can identify thousands of compounds. Various libraries are available from Field Forensics yet the user can develop libraries with the included software package.
Micro TLC TM - Thim Layer Chromatography
Fast, Easy TLC Analysis for Field and Laboratory
Thin layer Chromatography (TLC) is ideal for rapid presumptive identification. TLC is inexpensive, practical and gives valuable chemical information including identification of compounds in a mixture and establishing the purity of a substance - forensics labs routinely use TLC for these reasons. Winner of the R&D100 Award it tests forensic samples ti identify explosives, illicit drugs, insecticides on surfaces, liquids and solids with greater power than other presumptive analyses and it works in a complementary way to color tests and other screening tools and more specific techniques such a Raman spectroscopy.

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