DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System, from GE Healthcare Life Sciences and NetBio Inc., is a fully automated, tabletop DNA analysis system that enables processing of buccal and blood swabs for database searching.
• Controls contamination: Radio frequency identification (RFID)-labeled DNA swabs lock and seal into single-use, self-contained cassettes to minimize the potential for contamination and sample mix-ups.
• Rapid: Processes up to five DNA samples simultaneously in less than 85 minutes.
• Requires no refrigeration: Unlike typical DNA testing reagents, all reagents used with DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System are preloaded in the single-use DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette and are stable at room temperature.
• Maintains chain of custody and data security: Built-in traceability supports agencies’ needs to maintain data privacy and track chain of custody.
• Designed for nonscientists: No special laboratory or technical personnel are needed to run the fully automated system. Simply insert the DNA swab, input sample information, load the all-in-one DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette, and close the lid.
• Robust: Withstands rough use and/or tough environments.

Using DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System at the Police Station


Designed for use by nonscientific personnel, DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is suitable for use at the police booking station. The system automatically processes and analyzes DNA samples in less than 85 minutes to create high quality CODIS-compatible files.

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System dramatically reduces the time from DNA collection to database search in comparison to current laboratory processes. This speed, coupled with the ability to search against a local DNA database of samples obtained from crime scenes, can help police reduce recidivism within their jurisdiction.


Using DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System in the Forensics Laboratory


With DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System, your lab can quickly and reliably reconfirm DNA database hits, reference samples, and high priority database/enrollment samples1. Multiple DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis Systems can be set up on a standard laboratory bench, greatly reducing the need and cost to build a traditional database laboratory.

For state laboratories that currently outsource database samples, DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System provides an option to bring database sample processing back in-house, reducing the time lag and data reconfirmation effort currently experienced with sample outsourcing.


Backed by GE Healthcare Service and Support


DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis Systems are backed by GE Healthcare Life Sciences, a trusted name in DNA forensics. GE Healthcare, partnered with NetBio Inc., provides technical support, service and training for the DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System.


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