Power Plex® 21 System

Faster process. Flexible protocols. Unbeatable results.

The PowerPlex® 21 System allows for STR analysis of human forensic samples, common database samples and paternity samples. The system provides:

Rapid thermal cycling, saving time with every run

Unbeatable inhibitor tolerance, enabling analysis of challenging casework samples

Optimized protocols for many sample types, including direct amplification from FTA® cards, as well as pretreated non FTA® card punches or swab.

Figure 1. Configuration of the PowerPlex® 21 System. The PowerPlex® 21 System contains all of the 13 CODIS loci: D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D8S1179, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D21S11, CSF1PO, FGA, TH01, TPOX and vWA, plus Amelogenin, Penta D, Penta E, D1S1656, D2S1338, D6S1043, D12S391 and D19S433.
  • Rapid Thermal Cycling
  • The PowerPlex® 21 System uses rapid PCR technology to save time with every run. Amplification can be completed in about 90 minutes, enabling improved efficiency and productivity in your laboratory.
  • Unbeatable Inhibitor Tolerance
  • The PowerPlex® 21 System is more tolerant of PCR inhibitors than other STR systems including the PowerPlex® 16 HS System. This allows more interpretable data and less need for re-amplification of samples
Figure 2. Human genomic DNA (500pg; n = 3) was amplified with the PowerPlex ® 16 HS and 21 Systems in the presence of common inhibitors such as hematin, humic acid and tannic acid. Percent of alleles called are indicated.

Flexibility for Most Sample Types

The PowerPlex® 21 System is designed to work with a variety of sample types, including difficult casework samples and is compatible with direct amplification from FTA® card punches as well as pretreated swabs and Bode Buccal Collector™ device or S&S 903 punches.

A. Extracted DNA
B. FTA® Punch
S&S 903
Buccal Swab
Figure 3.Amplification of samples with PowerPlex®21 System. Panel A. 500pg of human genomic DNA, Panel B. 1.2mm punch from blood on an FTA card (direct amplification), Panel C 1.2mm punch from buccal samples on S&S 903 (pretreated with PunchSolution™ prototype reagent), Panel D. Buccal swab (pretreated with SwabSolution™ prototype reagent). Amplified products were separated on an Applied Biosystems 3130 or 3130xl Genetic Analyzer (3kV, 5-second injection).

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