Silver STR System

GenePrint® Silver STR Systems

Specialty Application Areas.
Human Identity Testing

Description: The GenePrint® Silver STR Systems (a,b,c) provide a rapid, non-radioactive method, wich can be used to evaluate very small amounts (e.g., 1ng) of human DNA. The systems provide all of the materials required to amplify STR regions of purified genomic DNA except for Taq DNA polymerase and sample DNA. The amplified STR fragments are then separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and detected by silver staining.

The combination of SilverSTR®III, CTT and FFv provides access to seven of the thirteen core loci that comprise the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) convicted offender database.


• Economical: The GenePrint® Silver STR Systems do not require fluorescent detection equipment for analysis. The systems are ideal for labs that are starting STR analysis or do not wish to purchase expensive fluorescent detection equipment.

• Efficient: Sample-to-data analysis requires less than one day. Each multiplex allows simultaneous amplification of three non-overlapping STR loci for high discrimination power.


Component Listing for DC6451
1 x 1ml
1 x 250µl
1 x 3µg
1 x 3µg
1 x 300µl
1 x 150µl

STR 2X Loading Solution
SilverSTR® III 10X Primer Pair Mix
pGEM® DNA Markers
K562 DNA High Molecular Weight
STR 10X Buffer
SilrSTR® IIveI Allelic Ladder Mix


Technical Manual # TMD004


Storage Conditions: Store at -20ºC

Promega Notes PN058
GenePrint® Silver STR Systems. Individual genomic DNA samples (lanes 1-4) were amplified using the GenePrint® Silver STR Systems. The amplification products using the CTT Multiplex and the FFv Multiplex were separated on a 4% polyacrylamide denaturing gel. Amplification products using the Silver STR® III (D16S539, D7S820, D13S317) Multiplex were separated in a 6% polyacrylamide denaturing gel. Lanes labeled L contain allelic ladders for the respective loci. Numbers to the right of each image indicate the smallest and largest number of repeat units present in corresponding fragments of each allelic ladder.

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